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The purpose of U&I Inclusions’ Dream Day is to provide people living with disabilities the opportunity of fulfilling aspired dreams or goals, once thought to be too difficult to accomplish. No matter how big or small the goal, U&I aims to inspire and empower people with disabilities to reach beyond their limits.

As U&I Inclusions is a Not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of our community to continue providing essential services and support to people with disabilities. Your contribution can make a real difference in the lives of those we support, and we are grateful for any donation you can provide.

Example of a Dream Day

Josh's Dream Day:

Sandown International raceway hot lap experience ✨
Entering through the gates at Sandown we could see and hear the V8 supercars, instantly Josh was so excited to be at Sandown raceway. He was so excited to receive a lanyard, his racing suit and
a helmet. 🏎🏁
As soon as he was ready, he raced to the track and couldn't wait to sit in the car. Josh completed 3 hot laps reaching 203km!
He enjoyed every second of the hot laps with NASCAR Champion George Elliot.
Josh has set the U&I Inclusions fastest Dream Day record! 😮
This opportunity has provided the participant and the family with unforgettable memories that they will cherish for a lifetime as the family hadn't been together at Sandown since Josh was 4 years old.

"Dreams don't have limits, and neither do people with disabilities. Everyone, overcoming challenges, deserves an Ultimate Dream Day. Together, let's support and celebrate inspiring stories, crafting a world where triumph is the story, and dreams belong to all."

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