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Welcome to U&I Inclusions
Your Trusted Disability Support Provider in Geelong, Bellarine & Surf Coast region

Unlocking Your Potential
Are you or a loved one seeking compassionate and tailored disability support services in Geelong, Surf Coast or the Bellarine Peninsula? Look no further than U&I Inclusions. We specialise in providing NDIS support services and adult day services that prioritise embracing inclusivity, choices, empowerment, and individualised care.

NDIS registered Support Services: Supporting in Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast region

At U&I Inclusions, we understand the unique challenges individuals with disabilities face, and we are dedicated to offering comprehensive NDIS support services in Geelong, Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to assisting participants in navigating the NDIS process, accessing funding for our programs to meet their specific NDIS needs and goals. 

Our range of NDIS adult services is designed to promote independence, enhance social connections, and foster skill development in a supportive and inclusive environment. Whether it's through recreational activities, capacity training, or community engagement initiatives, we strive to empower individuals to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our Range of Disability Support Services

U&I Inclusions offers a wide range of disability support services in Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast region, tailored to address the diverse needs of our participants. We offer NDIS approved day programs, camps and overnight and weekend respite care for people with disabilities which supports families in the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast region. 
From our convenient Moolap location, our day services provide enjoyable and engaging experiences for participants, while our regular camps offer unique getaways tailored for participants. Additionally, our respite care provides carers with a trusted support network that can give them time to truly take a break, while knowing their loved one is cared for in home or away from home.

Why Choose U&I Inclusions?


At U&I Inclusions, we are driven by a passion for making a genuine and positive impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Here's why choosing us is the right decision:

Person-Centred Approach:  Tailoring our day programs to meet choice of individual needs and preferences for a truly personalised experience. Our Customised Day Programs ensure participants have total choice and control over their daily planning and structure.


Pick up & Drop Off Services: We offer convenient transportation to and from our day programs, extending accessibility across Geelong Region with unlimited kilometers within day programs.

Low Staff-to-Participant Ratios: Ensuring personalised supports with ratios of 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3, staffed by qualified professionals certified in Cert 4, CPR, and First Aid.


Experienced and Compassionate Team: Our dedicated professionals bring years of experience and a compassionate approach to creating meaningful change in the lives of our participants.

Flexible Operating Hours: We operate 7 days a week with flexible program hours to accommodate diverse schedules.

Free Meet & Greet Process: Participants and advocates can enjoy a complimentary introduction to our services.

Ultimate Dream Day: Experience an Ultimate Dream Day every year as part of our commitment to personalised growth and development. Making Dreams come true for every individual with a Disability 

(See our Dream Day Section page)

Community Engagement: We actively promote community integration and social inclusion through a range of recreational and educational activities. This not only enriches the lives of our participants but also fosters a sense of belonging and connection.

Collaborative Partnerships: We value collaboration and work closely with participants, their families, and other stakeholders. By aligning our support services with their goals and aspirations, we ensure that every individual receives the tailored care they deserve.

Genuine Interactive Community Experiences: Our handpicked team creates high-quality and consistent services, offering fun, safe, and inclusive camps along with in-home respite services.

U&I Journey-Tailored Learning Paths: is not only a professional Level Tiered program but also a whole lot of fun! Our aim is to make the learning process engaging and enjoyable for every participant. Participants gain confidence and new skills, they are encouraged to take their newfound knowledge and apply it in real-world situations. 

By choosing U&I Inclusions, you're not just choosing a service provider—you're choosing a partner dedicated to empowering individuals and creating meaningful, fulfilling experiences every step of the way.


Anything is Possible with U&I

"Our mission is to create a world where people with disabilities have equal opportunities and can live without discrimination or prejudice."

U&I Inclusions

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